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Welcome To Community Living in Manchester

The JC foundation trust aims to provide access to public services, housing, health and employement for all and a platform for the local community to enhance community cohesion and wellbeing and a give a social voice when it comes to the important issues such as disability, antisemitism, discrimination, social justice and ethics.

We are based in Broughton, an ethnically/religiously diverse ward in Salford, Manchester. This diversity has created a vibrant community, where ethnic and religious groups live separately, rarely engaging with each other. And, our work is targeted towards supporting this diverse, but vulnerable community.


Disabilities can take many forms and shapes: they can be Physical or Mental, seen or hidden, limiting or tolerable. One aspect that is important though for all of us, is the right to function in society as an individual, although people may have differing abilities in practice.

We at the JC Foundation Trust make sure there will be no unwanted obstacles for you (legal, social or legislative) that will impede members of the community from going about their daily or accessing public services lives simply because of their condition.

Antisemitism & Racism

Antisemitism is an enduring disease that has persisted through the centuries via numerous mutations and social aberrations; it can take on many shapes and forms: it is an overt and covert form of Racism, that may be literal and implied or may lay dormant for a whole generation before reappearing suddenly in unexpected places and situations. All of us want to function in a society without fear or prejudice or hindrance.

So we, at the JC Foundation Trust do make sure there are no unwanted obstacles for you in this regard whether: legal, social or legislative by working in conjunction with all the relevant stakeholders in our community and beyond to ensure fair and equal access to all opportuinities.

Ethics & Justice

What we have found at the JC Foundation Trust ,when confronting issues such as Antisemitism and Prejudice, is that at the root cause of this problem , there is a fairness and ethical deficit that needs addressing in most cases, in order to alleviate the negative consequences and begin to eradicate this discrimination in the longer term; so we at the JC Foundation Trust are not afraid to ask the difficult questions from the stakeholders (Council, Health Services, Education.....) and challenge existing assumptions.

We will advocate on your behalf, we will Investigate and conduct the necessary research, offer the right solutions including PR campaigns, crisis management and events, we will coach, facilitate and raise awareness on your behalf and educate.

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