[Infographic] Volunteering Trends in the UK

[Infographic] Volunteering Trends in the UK

Volunteers are key for the success of any nonprofit or charity organisation. They provide their valuable time and perform various tasks such as marketing, fundraising, team management, catering / hospitality, event operations etc depending upon the organisation needs. They either work part-time, full-time or for a specific number of hours per month based on their availability and job position.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, volunteering has significantly been disrupted in the UK and across the world. With no surprise, we are seeing a dramatic change in the volunteering trends during this unprecedented time.

Hence, it’s important for every charity and nonprofit organisation to watch out for these 8 volunteering statistics, trends and data in 2021 to maximise their efforts in the post Covid-19 recovery.

  • 10M people across the UK are volunteering in their communities during the COVID-19 crisis

  • More than three-quarters (78%) of those volunteering plan to continue helping those in need after the lockdown.

  • One in every five UK adults (19%) has volunteered their time for community-level activities or organisations since the start of the lockdown on March 23rd.

  • Young people dedicate 1.8 million hours to volunteering during the pandemic

  • Volunteering among 55 to 64 year olds dropped from 16% in November last year, to 9% in May 2020

  • Volunteering rates amongst the under 30s has dramatically increased, reflecting a wider trend among 16 to 24 year olds that has seen volunteering rates increase from 30 to 40 % since 2018.

  • 92% of voluntary organisations moving operations online during the pandemic

  • 26% of the voluntary organisations found it necessary to recruit digital volunteers with different skill sets to their normal volunteers