10 ways to support nonprofit of your choice

10 ways to support nonprofit of your choice

It’s time now that everyone should think on how they can contribute and give back to society in some way. Even your small actions have the power to change the lives of others and make a lasting difference.

Whether you are an individual or organisation, you can support the cause that matters to you by supporting local nonprofits. We always think that financial support (donations) is the only way to support a nonprofit - which is not true.

Learn 10 new ways to support a local nonprofit and stand up for the causes that matter most to you.

  1. Be a Volunteer
    No better way to contribute than to be a volunteer of a cause you are passionate about. Look for the volunteering opportunities that require a specific skill or interest area where you fit in. Be specific. Tell them about your ideas, expertise, what hours you can give and whether you are willing to work online or offline.

  2. Follow their Social Media
    Every nonprofit or charity organisation uses more than one social media platform to reach out to their targeted audience and engage with them. By following their social profiles, you not only cast your vote but also help in increasing audience reach. Do like, share and comment regularity on their social media posts to enhance awareness and community engagement.

  3. Start a Facebook fundraiser
    If you wish to raise funds for a nonprofit organisation, there is an easy way to do this. Make use of Facebook fundraiser feature that allows you to create and share fundraiser with family and friends. Facebook doesn't charge transaction fees, so 100% of donations goes directly to the nonprofit organisation.

  4. Shop using AmazonSmile
    AmazonSmile is a charity giving program run by Amazon where it donates a small percentage (0.5%) of every purchase done by you to the selected charity of your choice. It’s the best way to give back to your favourite nonprofit by paying nothing from your pocket.

  5. Attend an upcoming event
    Many times nonprofits host offline or online events that you can attend. You can invite your colleagues, family and friends by sharing their social media posts, emails or flyers about the event. By doing this, you help nonprofit organisations in spreading the word and broaden their reach.

  6. Drop a honest review
    Online reviews are very important for any nonprofit as it does for any business. Leave your honest and positive experience for a nonprofit organisation that you trust on Google, Facebook or Yelp platforms. Your words can help in building more trust and credibility.

  7. Give referrals
    If you know someone who is looking to support a cause that your favourite nonprofit might be a perfect match, you can help in connecting both in person if it is local. If that’s not possible, you can share contact info or website link or tag a nonprofit on social media so that they can reach out directly.

  8. Donate old items
    You can donate your old items like smartphones, tablets, computers, cameras, clothes, books, toys, furniture, shoes, household items etc to help the cause you care about.

  9. Write a social media post
    No better way to introduce a nonprofit that you care about, what all they do, what impact they have created so far and how are you associated and why? etc etc. by writing a personalised social media post and tagging a nonprofit. This will inspire many others and help in spreading awareness.

  10. Join their newsletter
    Many of the nonprofits have a website with a dedicated newsletter section. If your favourite nonprofit has one, please do subscribe so that you receive the latest announcements, upcoming events, campaign progress reports, new initiatives etc. You can then share the useful or important ones with your family, friends, relatives and colleagues so that they can think of associating in some form.

Don’t think. Take the first step today. Pick your nonprofit and start contributing in a way you can!